ECHO Kids Low Top Sneaker With Fashion Stitching


Echo Kids- White/Black 24

Imagine your children in a super cool pair of Mowa sneakers.

Quality Materials

ECHO low top sneakers are made with microfiber leather, providing:

  • abrasion resistance,
  • excellent breathability,
  • aging resistance,
  • softness and comfort,
  • strong flexibility.

Timeless Style

Black & White shoes, with black & white contrasting stitching shoes or yellow & white contrasting stitching are all classics styles.  A great choice for back to school gift.

Velcro Tape

Easy fastening with Velcro - perfect for kids.

Comfy And Breathable

ECHO shoes are extremely comfortable, providing your child with a stylish sneaker for comfy, breathable all day wear. Comfort closure straps for easy on and off.

Safe To Wear

Anti-slip thick rubber sole let's your child feel safe and confident, no matter whether walking or running.


Note on selecting your shoe size

ECHO Kids sneakers sizes are standard size, just choose your child's size or one size bigger if they have a wider foot.

Collections: Kids's Shoes

Type: Kids's Fashion Sneakers

ABOUT ECHO Kids' Low Top Sneaker With Fashion Stitching


Mowa Echo Kids SneakersMowa Echo Kids SneakersMowa Echo Kids Sneakers

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