Mowa Candy Men's Sneakers


Candy Men- White 39

Style meets practicality in a colorful comfortable sneakers that you will love.

Candy low top men's sneakers are made with microfiber leather, providing:

  • abrasion resistance,
  • excellent breathability,
  • aging resistance,
  • softness and comfort,
  • strong flexibility

Anti-slip rubber soles:

The rubber sole with excellent air permeability and non-slip resistance, even in the wet conditions it provides a reliable grip.

Lightweight & Portable:

The stretch fabric upper and soft rubber sole can bend freely, with high elasticity and softness. 

Safe for all occasions:

Candy Men's sneakers can protect your feet from sharp objects. Even on hot beaches or rocks, or just in the park. Perfect for running, walking, cycling and other indoor and outdoor activities.


Collections: Men's Shoes

Type: Men's Fashion Sneakers

ABOUT Mowa Candy Men's Sneakers 
Mowa Candy Men's SneakersMowa Candy Men's SneakersMowa Candy Men's SneakersMowa Candy Men's Sneakers


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